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Travel to the northwest of Corsica to enter the heart of a land of sun -drenched olives and maybe one of the most beautiful light in the world, the sky of Balagne !

The region has a strong identity and undeniable charms, it is bound by the Gorge of Asco, the Agriates desert and the valley of Fango. Balagne has the most emblematic landscape of the Island. Offering both sandy beaches and snowy peaks, Balagne is dotted with beautiful villages with narrow streets and typical houses, inhabited by artisans who want to make them re-live.

Engravers, jewelers, musicians, instrument makers, potters and many others continue to magnify this sunny and delighted part of Corsica.

The coastline of this region, which goes from Galeria to Ostriconi is blessed by a heavenly historic site, the city of l'Ile-Rousse.

There the hotel restaurant La Pietra, ideally located just below the lighthouse and the Genovese Tower, invites you to enjoy the fabulous sky of Balagne and plenty more to discover...

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