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La Balagne, a jewel of Corsica at your feet

Set off on an adventure from our hotel and restaurant


The Balanins (inhabitants of La Balagne), whether or not named as such, have occupied this territory in the North East of our island since the Neolithic era. That is to say that, by choosing the Hotel La Pietra, you’ve chosen an important historical place full of all the riches of Corsica. The ancestral know-how is expressed here in the most diverse forms, from engineering which has exploited the source of the Zilia mineral water to countless vineyards dotting the landscape.

With all the needs to make the environment their own, the people have developed a mastery which has developed into an art form. The artisans here have stopped at nothing to master their speciality art and can offer you the best in bronze work, cutlery, glassware, wood carving and ceramics. As well as being beautiful to look at, the surrounding nature (both land and sea) have provided a bounty of produce. Throughout the year, the fairs and markets in La Balagne can offer you the loveliest and freshest gems, including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, wine, liqueurs and produce derived from the ever present and nourishing chestnut. Indeed, La Balagne really is a land of milk and honey.

Often playing an important role in history, such as with the foundation of L’Ile Rousse by Pascal Paoli in the middle of the 18th century for strategic reasons, you can discover testimonies to this past everywhere today, such as in the local architecture and monuments. A testimony to the faith of the Corsicans, there are multiple churches, from Romanesque to Baroque buildings. The numerous citadels are a testimony to the powerful forces that have envied the island, having stood proudly as a warning to less dominant forces.