Discover the Island of Beauty from La Pietra hotel in Ile Rousse Corsica

All the treasures of Corsica at your fingertips

Our hotel in Ile Rousse, in Corsica, will probably not be able to break the spell of our Island of Beauty. And it is not its charms and its sea view that will make you change your mind on the matter. Corsica is a perpetual call to discovery, a demand for permanent exploration and encounters with the Corsican people. The natural spaces compete with seduction, when the hand of man has scattered his land with testimonies of his History, his work, his culture and his traditions. With La Pietra Hotel Ile Rousse Corsica, you will find the perfect starting point for all your visits.



Beyond the sandy beach, cross the promenade "A Marinella" and discover the winding streets of the old town where you can stroll. Pass through the covered market to the shady café terraces, including the most famous Café des Platanes, which line the large central square. They will be your destination, or a first stop. Visit the Tour de Sel, restored in 2012, the bust of Pasquale Paoli, the great Corsican man and founder of the city, and many other sights that await you.  

Further south, Ajaccio, city of coral and famous "homeland" of Napoleon Bonaparte, with its magnificent library, its imperial chapel, its unmissable citadel, but also Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio and many other secrets that Corsica has to reveal.


Don't go any further, Corsica is a piece of the world that contains it all.