Ile Rousse

Île Rousse and its picturesque town

Corsican nature, shaped by the harsh climate which gives it its sometimes harsh and wild appearance, knows how to be clement, favourable to idleness as well as to the most sporting physical activities... while respecting the safety conditions. All activities, or almost all, can be found in its range.


The town, first of all, which welcomes you, picturesque and cheerful, as soon as you leave La Pietra and your island condition. The beach of Ile Rousse and its fine sand in the town centre is not the least of its assets, a witness to the links that unite us with the Mediterranean, mother of so many civilisations. Then the Place Paoli with its shaded terraces, its bowling greens, makes you envy the simple life here. The narrow streets of the old town will soften the hottest hours, as will the pleasures of sailing, jet-skiing, towed buoys... Other nautical activities are within your reach, such as windsurfing, water-skiing and scuba diving on our jealously preserved seabed.


The hinterland and the beach of Ile Rousse

If you are resolutely "earthy", the Reginu golf course in Speloncato will delight you as much by the quality of its course as by the views it offers of the surrounding countryside. The walks allow you to get the measure of the country, of its roughness sometimes, which gives all its price to the local hospitality. There is no need to take on the dreaded GR 20. If you don't feel like walking, cycling and horse riding are two possible "vehicles" that don't hurt your feet.

Discover the beauty of Balagne by sea... Boats leave every day for excursions to the Scandola nature reserve or the secret beaches of France's only desert area, the Agriates.

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